About SAP HCM Training:

Proline Infotech offers SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) Training with Study Materials. SAP HCM is one of the important module in ERP SAP. SAP HCM solution helps you to hire, develop, reward, and retain talent. Also, using SAP HCM application provides automate HR processes to increase efficiency to HR department, reduce HR costs, enable accessibility via mobile devices and support compliance. HCM is one of the most important processes in organizations across industries. The general idea on HR is related only to recruiting. SAP HR module will integrate to other modules such as SAP FICO, SAP Production Planning, SAP Sales and Distribution and Business work flow.

Proline Infotech will handle this SAP HCM Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings. Here Proline Infotech will conduct this SAP HCM Training by well experience and good knowledge of Real-Time consultant.

SAP HCM Training Outline Map:

SAP HCM Course summarize: s
  • Organizational Management

  • Personnel Administration

  • E-Recruitment

  • Time Management

  • Payroll

  • ESS and MSS

  • Reporting

Topic-1: Introduction to ERP SAP HCM:
  • ERP Overview and Packages

  • SAP R/3 Overview and stages

  • SAP Modules and Flow of SAP

  • Human Capital Management Overview

  • SOverview of SAP HCM

Topic-2: Enterprise Structure
  • Define Company and Company Code

  • Assign Company code to Company

  • Define Business / Functional Area

  • Define Personnel Area

  • Assign Personnel Area to Company code

  • Define Personnel Subarea

Topic-3: Personnel Structure
  • Overview of Personnel Structure

  • Define Employee Group

  • Define Employee Subgroup

  • Assign Employee Subgroup to Employee Group

  • Define Employee Attributes

Topic-4: Info Types:
  • Overview of Info types in SAP HCM

  • Infotype menu Configuration

  • Creation of Info groups

  • Maintain Country Info Types

  • Maintain Subtypes

  • Relationship Maintenance

  • Setup Integration with Personal Administration

  • Benefits and Uses of Info Types

Topic-5: Organization Management (OM)
  • Overview of Organization Management

  • Configure Organizational Objects

  • Configure Object Types

  • Organization and Staffing

  • Configure Organizational Unit

  • Assign position to Organizational Unit

  • Create job and Assign to the position

  • Define Number Ranges

  • Configure Info types and Subtypes

  • Maintain Relationship’s

  • Create Job and Assign to the Position

  • Creating Task (Job/Position/Person)

  • Define Time constrain depending on the target Object type

  • Maintain Personal actions

Topic-6: Personnel Administration (PA)
  • Overview of Personnel Administration (PA)

  • Employee Hiring & Maintaining HR Master Data

  • Maintain Info types & Introduction to Primary Info types

  • Personal Actions & Additional Actions / Dynamic Actions

  • Create an Alternative Qualification

  • Assign Qualification to a Person

  • Assign Requirements to the positions

  • Match up Employee profile & Position Profile

  • Hands On Building Up Enterprise structure

  • Mandatory Info types and Employee Master Data

  • Integration with Time & Payroll

Topic-7: Time Management (TM)
  • Time Recording and Evaluation

  • Negative Time Recording & Positive Time Recording

  • Define Sheet’s , ESS, CATS

  • Define Work schedules & work schedules Rules (Pre requisite)

  • Define Selection Rules

  • Define Employee Subgroup Grouping

  • Define Public holiday Calendar, counting rules

  • Define Day Types

  • Create Holiday / Factory Calendar

  • Attendance / Absences / Substitutions / Regular WT

  • Shift Management( Day program, Calculation of Pay, Compensation, Overtime, Breaks Schedules)

Topic-8: Payroll Management (PM)
  • Overview of Payroll Management

  • Define number range intervals

  • Flow of Determine defaults for number ranges

  • Define period modifiers / date modifiers

  • Check Payroll Areas

  • Configure payroll periods

  • Flow of Create control record

  • Check Default Payroll Area

  • Define EE Subgroup Grouping for PCR and CAP

  • Check Pay Scale Type / Area

  • Assignment of Pay Scale Structure

  • Default for pay scale data

  • Create wage type catalog

  • Sub Topic-8.1: Wage Administration
    • Employee Subgroups for Primary Wage Type

    • Personnel Subareas for Primary Wage Type

    • Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG

    • Overview of Wage type characteristics

    • Revise Pay Scale Groups and Levels

    • Maintain Revise Default Wage Types

    • Maintain Enterprise Structure for Wage Type Model

    • Valuation of base wage types

  • Create wage type catalog

  • Configure SCHEMA for HCM

  • Additional Payments/Deductions

  • Reoccurring Payments/Deductions

  • Benefits and Uses of Payroll Management

Topic-9: Recruitment Management
  • Overview of Recruitment Management

  • Create New Position

  • Create and Assign Number Ranges for Applicant Numbers

  • Create Media

  • Create Recruitment Instruments

  • Create Personnel Officers

  • Application Structure

  • Benefits and Uses of Recruitment Management

Topic-10: Training and Event Management
  • Overview of Time and Event Management

  • Define Time Schedule and Create Building Address

  • Create Location and Company

  • Create Business Event Group

  • Create Business Event

  • Book Attendee for Business Event

  • Day to Day Activities

  • Recurring Activities

Topic-11: Benefit Management
  • Overview of Benefit Management

  • Introduction to Enrollment

  • Flow of Benefit Plan Structure

  • Introduction to Benefit Category

  • Concept of Different Benefit Categories

  • Introduction to Benefit Plan type, Plans, Area

  • Info types used for different Benefit Categories

  • Overview of Eligibility

  • Flow of Participation

  • Configure Costs of Plans

  • Different Control tables used in Benefits

  • Uses of Benefit Management

Topic-12: Other HCM topics:
  • Additional Organizational Assignments

  • ASAP Methodology

  • Configuring Positions

  • Executing Personnel Action

  • Planned Working Time Connection to Basic Pay

  • Define Pay scale Structures

  • Wage Types and Overview

  • Performing Payscale Reclassification and Pay Increases

  • USA Payroll Overview

Topic-13: Quick Tips about HCM
  • Completing an Action

  • Maintaining Free Text

  • Time Off Award

  • Creating Positions

  • Changing Cost Centers

  • Changing Bank Details

  • Recurring Payments and Deductions

  • Changing Addresses

  • Changing Addresses

  • Viewing Organizational Structure

  • Changing Work Rule

  • Date Types

  • Preparing for an Interview with SAP HCM Consultant


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