Proline Infotech is conducting SAP ABAP on HANA Training, SAP HANA full form High Performance Analytic Appliance is an application of SAP. SAP HANA ABAP is a combination of Software and Hardware utilities to process the large amount of real time data in Business Industry. Nowadays all the SAP products are moving to SAP HANA. SAP Netweaver Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP) is best leverage the features and capabilities of SAP HANA Database. SAP ABAP development objects on SAP HANA Studio to create or change this objects in HANA Development.

Here Proline Infotech will conducts this SAP ABAP HANA Training by all important concepts like Code to Data with ABAP, Code to data primary and secondary data base, SAP ABAP development change for HANA, ABAP on HANA environment, eclipse and SQL, and ABAP work bench with HANA DB, etc.

Proline Infotech will handle this SAP ABAP HANA Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings. Here Proline Infotech will conduct this SAP ABAP on HANA Training by well experience and good knowledge of Real-Time consultant.


Topic-1: Introduction to SAP HANA and SAP ABAP:
  • Overview of SAP ABAP Concepts

  • SAP R/3 Technical Architecture

  • SAP ABAP on Eclipse and SQL

  • SAP ABAP Development Tools (ADT)

  • SAP HANA Architecture

  • SAP HANA and ABAP development archetype

  • Benefits and Uses

Topic-2: SAP System Configuration and Set up Requirements
  • Overview of SAP HANA ADT installation on SAP HANA Studio

  • SAP HANA Studio Architecture and Tools

  • SAP ABAP Development configuration in eclipse

  • SAP System Adding in HANA Studio

  • Flow of Creating Package in HANA Studio

  • Flow of ABAP perspective in SAP HANA

  • Benefits and Features

Topic-3: Architecture of ABAP on HANA
  • Overview of ABAP HANA Architecture

  • Flow of ABAP process in HANA Studio

  • SAP ADT with HANA configuration flow

  • Code to Data paradigm

  • Benefits and Features

Topic-4: ABAP 7.5 Development Code in the direction of Data on HANA
  • Overview of ABAP 7.5 Development

  • Open SQL Footprints

  • Advanced views using Core Data Services (CDS) in ABAP

  • Flow of Incorporating Authorization Checks with CDS in ABAP

  • ALV for an HANA

  • Benefits and Uses of ABAP 7.5 Development
Topic-5: ABAP development Environment on HANA
  • Overview of ABAP development Environment on HANA

  • Flow of ABAP development process in HANA

  • Concept of Open SQL Enhancement in HANA Studio

  • Introduction to advance view building in ABAP for HANA

  • Concept of Core data service in HANA

  • Flow of Core data service with input parameter

  • Procedure for SAP ABAP managed database flow

  • ALV with integrated data access on SAP HANA

  • ABAP Development using eclipse on SAP HANA

  • Benefits and Features

Topic-6: ABAP Code in to direction of Data with SAP HANA as Primary Database
  • Overview of the ABAP code Direction into Primary Database

  • Flow of Creating, using, and debugging ABAP Managed Database Procedures

  • Flow of Creating and using External Views

  • Concept of HANA Transport Container flow

  • Benefits and uses of primary database on HANA

Topic-7: ABAP Code in to Direction of Data with SAP HANA as Secondary Database
  • Overview of ABAP Direction into Secondary Database

  • Optimizing ABAP by accessing SAP HANA as a Secondary Database

  • Using native SQL and ABAP Data Base Connectivity (ADBC)

  • Consuming SAP HANA views and database procedures in ABAP using native SQL and ADBC

  • Benefits and uses of Secondary database on HANA

Topic-8: Advanced Topics in SAP ABAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Full Text Search

  • ABAP ALV integration to SAP HANA

  • ABAP Views in SAP HANA

  • Connecting ADT to SAP ERP system

  • TMS in ABAP on HANA

  • SAP Advanced technical tools concepts

  • Integration of ERP SAP system to HANA system


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