SAP HANA is the full form of High-Performance Analytic Appliance. HANA is the latest ERP Solution from SAP AG. SAP HANA is the combination of Hardware resource and Software components. HANA is the latest database which stores like in-memory and platform which positioned on cloud. Here Proline Infotech will offer the SAP HANA Training with advanced and major topics of SAP HANA Database, SAP SLT(System landscape Transformation), HANA Replication management, HANA Extractor and Sybase replication technology. Now SAP HANA Professional consultant has huge demand in SAP around worldwide

Proline Infotech can provide this SAP HANA Training with well qualified and experienced Real-Time consultants. And we are conducting this SAP HANA Training as a classroom and Online Sessions based on your flexible timings


  • SAP HANA Introduction

  • Navigation overview

  • Architecture of SAP HANA

  • HANA In-Memory Technique overview

  • BIBW on HANA Overview
Topic-2: Architecture of SAP HANA
  • Row Type Store

  • Column Type Store

  • Database Engine

  • Data Modeling

  • Reporting Architecture

  • HANA Administration

  • Preprocessor

  • Index, Name, Statistics, XS Server Overview

  • HANA Agent and Repository Overview
Topic-3: SAP HANA Studio (Data Modeling)
  • Overview of SAP HANA Studio

  • Flow of Tables Creation and Decision Tables

  • Attribute Views and Analytic Views

  • Methods of Standard Attributes, Derived Attributes, Time Attributes

  • Creation of Joins and Types

  • Calculated Columns and Restricted Columns

  • Assigning Variables

  • Maintain Input Parameters

  • Making Currency Translation

  • Performance Optimization techniques in SAP HANA

  • Hierarchies in HANA

  • SAP HANA Function Types

  • Calculation View with Graphical, SQL Script, CE Functions, Star Join

  • Types of options in SAP Studio

  • Define Auto Documentation

  • Creation of Delivery Units

  • Triggers and Views in SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA Synonyms and Sequence

  • SAP HANA Privileges

  • Concept of Export and Import Models
Topic-4: SAP HANA Data Provisioning
  • Overview of Replication Server

  • Overview of Replication Process

  • Replication Architecture

  • Data Services Methods


  • SAP BODS in Data Provisioning: File to HANA

  • SAP BODS in Data Provisioning: ECC to HANA

  • SAP BODS in Data Provisioning: BW to HANA

  • SAP BODS in Data Provisioning: SQL to HANA

  • SAP BODS in Data Provisioning: HANA to SQL

  • Basic data service connection

  • Flow of Direct Extractor Connection

  • Types New to Data services 4.0

  • Full Extractor through ODP

  • Concept of Flat File Loads

  • Configure Import and Export server

  • Creating & executing a data service job to HANA

  • Configuration of Smart Data Access(SDA)

Topic-5: SAP HANA Reporting
  • SAP HANA Reporting Overview

  • Reporting Layer in HANA

  • Connectivity Options in SAP HANA

  • Concept of Business Objects BI 4.0 Reporting Tools

  • Concept of Business Objects BI 4.0 Explorers

  • Concept of Business Objects BI 4.0 Enterprise

  • Flow of IMCE Clients and Crystal Reports by ODBC/JDBC, ODBO, BICS Connections

  • Reporting via others & MS Excel to HDB

  • Overview of Design Studio

  • SAP Lumira Configuration

Topic-6: SAP Data Provisioning using SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation)
  • Overview of SLT Tool

  • Data Provisioning using SLT (ECC to HANA)

  • concepts of Positioning and key

  • configuration Aspects

  • SAP Data Replication at a glance

  • Concept of Selective of Data Replication

  • Flow of Data Transformation

  • Manage Extension of (target) table structure

Topic-7: Administration of SAP HANA (Overview)
  • SAP HABA DB Backup & recovery

  • Overview of SAP HANA Studio Installation and Configuration

  • Overview of Clients installation

  • Flow of Create ODBC Connections

  • Overview of Monitor HDB

  • Concept of Multi Version Concurrency Control – MVCC

  • Overview of IMDB Installation

Topic-8: SAP HANA User Management & Security
  • Overview of SAP HANA Security

  • Persistency Layer

  • Flow of Creating Users

  • Flow of Creating Roles

  • How to Assign privileges to Users/Roles

  • Concept of Template Roles

  • Flow of SQL Statements for user management

  • Overview of Analytical Privileges, Package Privileges, System Privileges, SQL Privileges

Topic-9: COPA Accelerator on SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Accelerator Overview

  • Overview of COPA and COPA Reporting on HANA

  • Architecture of CO-PA Accelerator and Scopes

  • Overview of COPA modeling and reporting in HANA

  • DBSL – Database Shared Library Connection for HANA as secondary Database

  • SLT Replication – SAP HANA Model using COPA

Topic-10: SAP BW on HANA
  • SAP BW overview with HANA

  • Overview of SAP BW HANA Migration

  • SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA Database

  • SAP BW in memory optimized Info Cube, Info Record

  • Overview of DSO

  • In memory optimized DSO

  • Analytic indexes using HANA Models to BW

  • Bex Report on SAP HANA Transient Provider

  • SAP BW Composite provider on HANA model

  • Import BW Info provides to HANA

  • Overview of Advanced DSO

  • Composite Provider

  • Overview of BW Bex Query


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