SAP PS (Project System) is one of the key modules of SAP to perform project and portfolio management. SAP PS Modules will help to manage the project life cycle starting from structuring to planning, execution, until the project completion. Proline Infotech will conduct this SAP PS Training with closely integrated with other SAP modules like logistics, material management, sales and distribution, Plant maintenance and production planning module.

Proline Infotech will handle this SAP PS Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings. Here Proline Infotech will conduct this SAP PS Training by well experience and good knowledge of Real-Time consultant.

SAP PS Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Introduction to SAP Project Systems (PS)
  • SAP R/3 Architecture Overview

  • SAP R/3 Architecture Overview

  • SAP PS in PLM environment and Navigation.

  • Introduction to SAP Project Systems

  • Different Project Types

  • SAP Organizational Hierarchy and its related

  • SAP PS Integration with other Modules

Topic-2: Overall Discussion about Project Phase
  • Concept of Project phase overview

  • Flow of Rough Cost planning Phase

  • Project Detailed Cost planning Phase

  • Flow of Budgeting Phase

  • Flow of Project Execution phase

  • Flow of Project Closing phase

Topic-3: Project Structures and Configuration
  • Flow of Project Numbering using Special Characters and Project Coding Mask

  • Concept of Project Types

  • Different Project Profiles

  • Overview of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Concept of Creating Work Breakdown Structures

  • Overview of WBS Elements

  • Overview of Networks and Creating Networks

  • Applying Documents, Milestones, and Mass Change

  • Flow of Exporting and Importing Projects

Topic-4: Project Creation Methods
  • Overview of Project Creation Methods

  • Flow of Project Creation from Scratch

  • Flow of Project Creation by copying functionality

  • Configuration of Project Creation using Project Planning Board

  • Method of Project Creation using Assembly Processing and configuration

  • Method of Requirement Class, Planning Strategy, Prerequisites for Assembly Processing

  • Execution of the process result
Topic-5: Project Plans
  • Overview of Project Plans

  • Checking Projects with the Project Planning Board

  • Overview of Planning Dates for WBS Elements

  • Process of Scheduling Networks

  • Planning Resources with Networks

  • Flow of Generating Requirements for Externally Processed Activities

  • Configuration Scheduling Multiple Resources (MRSs)

  • Planning Materials with Networks and Cost for WBS

  • Flow of Planning Costs for Networks

  • Process of Planning Revenue for Projects

Topic-6: Networks and Configuration in PS
  • Definition of Network

  • Concept of Network Type

  • Configuration of Network Type parameters

  • Flow of Network Scheduling parameters

  • Configuration of Network Conformation parameters

  • Flow of Network Availability Control parameters

  • Flow of Network Print Control parameters

  • Configure Network Profile

Topic-7: Dates and Scheduling in Projects using Project Planning
  • Overview of Dates and Scheduling

  • Process of Date and Scheduling in Projects

  • Project Planning overview

  • Concept of WBS Scheduling profile

  • Configure Network scheduling parameters

  • Outline for Options in the Project planning Board

  • Benefits and uses

Topic-8: Material Configuration in Projects System
  • Overview of BOM

  • BOM Transfer to Project System using Interface

  • Flow of Procurement Parameter overview

  • Overview of MRP

  • MRP execution and process flow in PS

  • Manufacturing Cycle with Production Order

  • Procurement Cycle with Purchase Order

  • Variant Configuration in Project System

  • Benefits and Uses

Topic-9: Cost Planning Methods in PS
  • Overview of Cost Planning

  • Easy Cost Planning Method

  • Maintain Cost Variant, Planning Profile, Cost Models

  • Hierarchical Cost Planning Method

  • Unit Cost Planning Method

  • Benefits and Uses
Topic-10: Projects Budgeting
  • Overview of Budget Process

  • Budgeting Profile and its related attributes

  • Availability Control in Project Budgeting

  • Integrating Investment Management with PS

  • Benefits and Uses

Topic-11: Version Management in PS
  • Overview of Version Management

  • Types of version in PS

  • Project Versions

  • Simulation Version

  • Planning/ Controlling Version

  • Progress version

  • Benefits and uses

Topic-12: Claim Management in PS
  • Overview of Claim Management

  • Configuration and Customizing

  • Claim-specific Customizing

  • Evaluating Claims

  • Benefits and Uses

Topic-13: Integration Project Process in PS
  • Overview of R/3 Data ETL Process

Sub-Topic-13.1: Project Systems with CATS in Time and Material
  • HR Mini master for Time Recording

  • Data Entry Profile

  • Time booking

  • Time releasing and Approval process

  • Time Transfer to Target components

  • Technical info like the Tables used in CATS

  • Work force planning and its related configuration

  • Settlement and project closing process

  • Benefits

Sub-Topic-13.2: Project Systems with Investment Management process
  • Investment Program Definition and Program Type

  • Investment Program Structure

  • Appropriation Request Type and Appropriation Request Creation

  • Creating Measure from Appropriate Request

  • Benefits

Sub-Topic-13.3: Project Systems with Fixed Assets process
  • Overview of Fixed Asset Process

  • Configuration of Fixed Asset

  • Benefits and Uses

Sub-Topic-13.4: Sales Project / Customer Projects with Milestones
  • Overview of Sales Project and Customer Project

  • Process flow of Sales and Customer Project

  • Benefits and Uses


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