About SAP S4HANA Logistics TRAINING :

Proline Infotech will handle SAP S/4 HANA LOGISTICS Online Training. SAP Simple Logistics is also called SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management. The new SAP S/4 HANA is the next generation business suite designed to help you run simple in the digital family and is built on advanced in-memory database. This SAP Simple Logistics will provides new User Experience using with SAP FIORI application to manage logistics operation, Production planning, Material Management and Production.

Proline Infotech is arranging this SAP Simple Logistics training with Real-Time subject matter consultants. These SAP S4 HANA Logistics training classes will conduct by both Classroom and Online sessions with flexible hours of candidates.

SAP S4HANA Logistics Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Introduction to ERP and SAP S4HANA:
  • Overview of SAP HANA

  • Overview of SAP S4HANA Logistics

  • Architecture of SAP HANA

  • Overview of ERP System and HANA Logistics System

Topic-2: Organization Structure
  • Organizational structures in Logistics

  • Logistic organizational structures and how they relate to each other.

  • SAP Modules and Flow of SAP

  • Define Organizational Units

  • Assignment of Organizational Units

Topic-3: Master Data
  • Define Master Data required for shipping and transportation system

  • Account Groups ; Number Ranges

  • Partner Determination

  • Customer and Vendor Master

  • Material Master

  • Customer Material Info Record

  • Condition Master

Topic-4: Documents Structure and Controls
  • Overview of creating documents Structure and Control

  • Preliminary and subsequent documents are required to process deliveries

  • Sales Documents

  • Billing Document

Topic-5: Delivery Document Structure and Controls
  • Structure of delivery documents and their differentiating characteristics

  • Structure of Delivery Documents

  • Delivery Item Category Controls

  • Copy Controls ( Copying the data from Preliminary & Subsequent Documents )

Topic-6: Determinations
  • Pre-defined entries in sales & delivery document

  • Shipping Point Determination

  • Storage Location/ Picking Location Determination

  • Plant Determination

Topic-7: Logistics -Goods Issue
  • Goods Issue postings;

  • Goods reversal and Stock Transfers

  • Collective Deliveries

  • Partial Deliveries

  • Order Combinations

  • Delivery Split Criteria

  • Billing Split Criteria

  • Goods Reversal

  • Returns Deliveries

  • Subsequent Deliveries

  • Stock Transfers

  • Stock Transfer Storage location to Storage location

  • Stock Transfer Plant to Plant (One Step Process)

  • Stock Transfer Returns Plant to Plant

  • Intra Company Stock Transfers

  • Inter Company Stock Transfers

Topic-8: Basic Functions in Delivery Document
  • Overview of Delivery Function

  • Listing & Exclusion

  • Material Determination

  • Availability check & Transfer of Requirement (TOR)

  • Delivery/ Transportation Scheduling

  • Forward Scheduling / Backward Scheduling

  • Batch Management (Allocation of Stock in Batches)

  • Serial Number Management

  • Registration of Means of Transportation

Topic-9: Picking
  • Overview of Picking

  • Manual Picking

  • Wave Picking

  • Picking Process integration with Warehouse Management (WM)

Topic-10: Packing
  • Packing Master Data

  • Stock Posting of Packaging Material

  • SSCC Numbers

  • Handling Unit Management

  • Manual/ Single Level Packing

  • Automatic Packing

  • Packing Proposal (Packing Instructions / Determination Rules)

  • Returnable Packaging

  • Emptying & Deleting Handling Unit

Topic-11: Status Tracking
  • Overview of status tracking

  • Delivery Monitor

  • Benefits

Topic-12: Shipment
  • Overview of shipment document

  • Stages in Shipment Process

  • Route Determination

  • Creation of Stages

  • Determine Preliminary; Main & Subsequent Legs

  • Determine Load Transfer Point

Topic-13: Other Shipment Process
  • Structure of Shipment Documents

  • Shipment Types

  • Creation of Shipments

  • Individual shipment

  • Collective Shipment

  • Shipment Cost Settlement

Topic-14: Access Control Management (ACM)
  • Overview of ACM in Logistics

  • Concept of Cfolders and Cdesk

  • Flow of Recipe of Management

  • Concept of Engineering Client Viewer

Topic-15: SAP PP Configuration for Simple Logistics
  • Overview of SAP PP (Production Planning) for Logistics

  • Overview of PP-MRP – Subcontracting
  • Configuration for Storage Location and MRP

  • Concept of External Interfaces In PP

  • The Graphical Planning Table-SAP Simple Logistics Training

  • Overview of Logistic Information System In PP

  • Concept of Sales & Operation Planning

  • Concept of Simplified Sourcing

Topic-16: SAP PS Configuration for Simple Logistics
  • Overview of PS (Project System) in Simple Logistics

  • Explanation of Maintenance Transactions in PS

  • Overview of Project Builder Instead Of Special Maintenance Functions

  • Overview of Tools Functions for Projects & Production Resources

  • Flow of Project Planning Board, Gantt-Chart, Hierarchy & Network Graphics in PS System

  • Flow of Current Simulation Functions In Project System

  • Concept of Specific PS and Archiving Transactions

  • Project Texts _Ps Texts in Logistics

  • Benefits and Integration overview for PS and Simple Logistics

Topic-17: SAP PM Configuration for Simple Logistics
  • Overview of SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

  • Process of Ms Access Out Of List for Download Data

  • Flow of Scheduling Plant Maintenance

  • Concept of Mobile Asset Management (MAM)

  • Flow of Batch Input for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

  • Change Order and Operations-SAP Simple Logistics Training

  • Flow of Webdynpro Application for Maintenance Planner (Ehp)

  • Overview of Enterprise Search

Topic-18: Simple Logistics for User Experience (UX)
  • SAP Fiori with User Experience Introduction

  • Sap Ui5 Introduction with SAP Simple Logistics

  • Flow of Installation and Configuration

  • Concept of Implementing Fiori Apps-SAP Simple Logistics Training

  • Creating Odata Services on Sap Netweaver Gateway for Logistics

  • Concept of Hana Cloud Platform

  • SAP Web Ide Introduction

  • Process of Creating &Extending Apps

  • Process of Workflow & Sap Fiori

  • Benefits and Usage of SAP FIORI


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