About SAP Netweaver BIBW Training:

Pronline Infotech offers SAP Netweaver BIBW (Business Intelligence & Business Warehouse) classroom and Online Training. SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is an Application and it is a Data warehouse to organize and managing the raw data in ERP SAP. Using this SAP BIBW raw data it’ll displays’ as in the form of Tables, Charts, etc. Also these reporting and analysis data will help to make the decision in business scenarios. SAP Business Warehouse is basic module for to learn HANA Database module. SAP BIBW product will interact with many tools which is used too many departments like HR, Finance, and Marketing etc.

Here Proline Infotech will handle this SAP BI Online training with complete step-by-step concepts for all the topics in BIBW. This training is handled by well expert and experienced consultant of SAP BIBW on IT industry.


  • Introduction to SAP

  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Application and Architecture

  • Introduction to SAP BIBW

  • Architecture of SAP BI BW and Data Warehouse

  • Overview of SAP Netweaver concepts
Topic-2: SAP Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Overview of SAP Net weaver BI Architecture / BI Platform

  • SQL Database Overview and Architecture

  • Concept of Star Schema and Extended Star Schema

  • SAP Multidimensional modeling

  • Overview of Entity Relationship Modeling

  • Overview of Enterprise Data Modeling

  • Concept of Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis

  • Overview of SAP BW vs Other Data warehousing Tools

  • Concepts of Data Acquisition / Data Extraction concepts

Topic-3: Info Providers
Sub Topic-3.1: SAP BI Info Providers
  • Overview of Master Data – Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies

  • Standard, Write-optimized, Direct Update DSO

  • Flow of Standard Info Cube

  • Virtual Providers

  • Concept of InfoSet

  • Concept of MultiProvider

  • Overview of Aggregation Level

  • Open Hub Destination

  • Analysis Process designer

Sub Topic-3.2: SAP BW Info Providers
  • SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 Features Overview

  • Concept of Graphical Data Modeling

  • Overview of Graphical Data Flow Modeling Basics

  • Flow of Data Flow Copying, Generation, Migration

  • Overview of Advanced InfoProviders

  • Concept of Semantically Partitioned Object (SPO)

  • Overview of Hybrid InfoProviders

  • Transient Providers

  • Overview of New BW 7.3 Hierarchy ETL

Unit-4: SAP BIBW Stage
  • SAP BI Modeling

  • SAP BI Extraction

  • SAP BI Reporting

Topic-5: SAP Data Warehousing:
Sub Topic-5.1: Data warehouse Overview
  • Overview of OLTP Vs OLAP

  • ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) Tool

  • Star Schema and Extended Start Schema

  • Snow Flake Schema

  • Data Warehouse and Datamart

  • Data Measures, Dimensions and Facts

  • Overview of Level and Hierarchy

  • Concept of Slowly Changing & Confirmed Dimensions

  • Concept of Aggregates, Aggregation Strategy, Compression Ratio, Indexing Strategy

Sub Topic-5.2: Business Warehouse Overview
  • Overview of Business Warehouse Architecture

  • Extended Star Schema

  • Overview of DIM / SID Tables

  • Concept of Data Storage and Data Acquisition

  • Data Reporting and Analysis Tools

Topic-6: SAP Data Modeling
Sub Topic-6.1: Info Objects of BW
  • Info Area ,Info Object Catalogs

  • Info Objects(Characteristics & Key Figures)

  • Dimension and key Figures

Sub Topic-6.2: Data Storage of BW
  • Application Component

  • Data Basic Cube / Transactional Cube

  • Virtual / Remote Cube

  • Data Source / Info Source

  • Transfer Rules / Update Rules

  • Different types of Routines

  • Info Package Process

  • Transformations

  • Overview of Data Transfer Process (DTP)

  • Flow of Error DTP

  • Concept of Metadata Repository

Topic-7: Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
Sub Topic-7.1: ETL Overview
  • Overview of R/3 Data ETL Process

  • Concept of Flat File ETL Process

  • Monitor ETL Tool

  • Source System Overview

  • Overview of DB connect

Sub Topic-7.2: Master Data Process
  • Overview of Master Data (Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies)

  • SAP Master Data Extract Structure – DataSource/Transfer Structure

  • Flow of Communication Structure

  • Transfer / Update Rules / Transformations

  • Hierarchies and Info Package

Sub Topic-7.3: Transaction Data Process
  • Process of R3 / Flat File Data

  • SAP Delta Extraction

  • Flow of Standard BC

  • Concept of Custom Table Extraction

  • Creation of Data Transfer Process ( DTP )

  • Info Package and InfoSpoke

  • Overview of Process Chain

Topic-8: Reports and Analysis Tools
Sub Topic-8.1: BEx Query Designer
  • Overview of BEx Queries, Tabular Queries

  • Concept of Query Properties

  • Variables: variable wizard, variable types and processing types

  • Restricted and Calculated Key Figures

  • Flow of Structures: creating re-usable structures

  • Cell Definition

  • Conditions and Exceptions

  • Query Copy/Delete between cubes

Sub Topic-8.2: BEx Web Application Designer
  • Flow of WAD: Functions, web item window, template window, properties window

  • Overview of Role Menu

  • Concepts of Creating web applications, settings, style sheets, symbols and properties.

  • Flow of Web Items: Tables, Text Box, Filters, Drop down box, Graph, etc.

  • Overview of Web Analyzer

  • Analysis of Information Broadcasting

  • Overview of Report to Report Interface – RRI

  • Hierarchy Reporting

Sub Topic-8.3: BEx Analyzer
  • Overview of Workbook

  • Overview of Queries

  • Flow of Personalize Variables

  • Concept of Data Area and Query Area

Topic-9: Admin and Security
  • Flow of User Management

  • Maintain Roles & Responsibilities

  • Concept of Authorization Object

  • Performance Tuning: Data Loading Performance, Query Performance

  • Transports Organizer in SAP Systems

  • Overview of BW Statistics / Admin Cookpit

Topic-10: SAP ABAP Concepts for SAP BIBW
  • Flow of Object Navigator

  • Overview of Workbench Organizer

  • ABAP Data Dictionary

  • SAP ABAP Reports Statement

  • Line Size and Count

  • Page Heading

  • Report Comment Section

  • Tables and Includes

  • Variables (Data Types and Data Objects)

  • Structures and Internal Table

  • Constants


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