SAP BO Training is a ETL Tools where we can Transfer the data from Source system to destination. Proline Infotech offers SAP BO on HANA Training from Explore, SAP will help you master Data integration and Data Quality Features of Tool. SAP BO has its own server for publishing and sharing, it is not a data repository by itself, but utilizes HANA and BW as sources of data. SAP BO on HANA talents is trending worldwide. SAP HANA professionals are in great demand across the globe. Nearly, 90% of the HANA jobs require knowledge and experience on SAP BO. Thus, integrated training on both BO & HANA will ensure a promising career in the SAP ERP technology.. .

For getting more info on SAP Business Objects on HANA training kindly contact with us our helpdesk team. SAP BO on HANA Training , offered by Proline Infotech is mostly industry compatible and it is rendered by subject matter experts so that the participants get the business insight apart from having complete knowledge of this professional training..

Also we are offering free of cost Study material (soft copy), Videos, Software Installation or Online Server Access and Placement assistance.

SAP BO ON HANA Training Course Content:

TOPIC 1:Overview SAP HANA 1.0
  • 1.Introduction to SAP HANA Information Explosion

  • 2. Consumerization of ‘IT’

  • 3.‘IT’ cannot deliver

  • 4.Reality with SAP HANA

  • 5.SAP In-Memory Appliance

  • 6.Hardware Innovations

  • 7.Bottlenecks

  • 8.Understanding Columnar Data Storage

  • 9.When to use Column store

  • 10. When to user Row Store

  • 11.Avoid Bottlenecks

  • 12.Customer feedback and benefits on SAP HANA Implementation Use cases
TOPIC 2:Product Availability Matrix (Supported H/W Vendors Platform)
TOPIC 3: BOBI 4.1 Architecture
  • 1.SAP HANA Appliance Architecture View

  • 2.SAP HANA Database Engine View

  • 3.SAP HANA Data-Loading View

  • 4.SAP HANA Data-Modeling View

  • 5.SAP HANA Reporting View

  • 6.SAP HANA Administrator View

  • 7.Persistence layer, Backup and Recovery
TOPIC 4:SAP HANA System Landscapes
TOPIC 5:SAP HANA System Sizing Guidelines
TOPIC 6:DATA Provisioning
  • 1.Direct in HANA: Loading Data from Excel file to HANA Database with/ without Template Tables

  • 2.Via Data Services

  • 3.Via Replication (Landscape Transformation)

  • 4.Via SAP DXC
TOPIC 7:SAP HANA Studio view
Topic 8:SAP HANA Modeling
  • 1.Data warehouse Concepts

  • 2. Data Modeling techniques

  • 3.Attribute Views (Standard / Derived / Time Dimension)

  • 4.Analytical View

  • 5.Calculation View

  • 6.HANA Modelling Approach

  • 7.Connecting Tables using Inner / Left outer / Right Outer / Full Outer / Text / Referential Join


  • 9.Export and Import Models

  • 10.HANA Modelling ApproachCase Study based on
Topic 9 : SAP BO Reporting
  • 1.Client connectivity options

  • 2.SAP BO System Landscape Architecture and Product Availability Matrix

  • 3.MS-Excel

  • 4.SAP BO Analysis

  • •Creating Analysis Workspace

  • 5.SAP BO Explore

  • 6.SAP Lumira

  • 7.Semantic Layer (Universe)

  • 8.SAP Crystal Reports and Dashboards

  • 9.Webi

  • 10.Distribution to Users
Topic 10 : SAP HANA User Management
Topic 11: SAP HANA System Monitoring & Administration
Topic 12 : SAP HANA Security & Authorization
Topic 13 : Distributed System LandScape
Topic 14 : Role of Solution Manager in SAP HANA


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